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Tool Selection Is Very Important In NC Machining
Nov 28, 2018

1. Selection Principles of CNC Tools

Generally speaking, the tool life is closely related to the cutting parameters, so the choice of cutting tools is very important in the formulation of cutting parameters. Tool life is generally divided into the highest and the lowest, the former is related to individual work hours, while the latter is related to process costs.

When we consider the tool life, we should determine it according to the complexity of the tool and the manufacturing cost. If it is used in multi-knife mechanical equipment with complex operation, it should be chosen with high service life and good reliability.

NC cutter is a kind of cutter. It requires not only good rigidity, strength and precision, but also stable size and good durability.

2. Selection of Tools for CNC Turning

CNC turning tools, it generally has three types of lathe tools, pointed turning tools and circular arc turning tools. When choosing, we should consider the characteristics of NC machining comprehensively, and also consider the cutter itself, so as to select the most suitable one.

3. Choice of Tools for CNC Milling

The main requirement of CNC milling cutter is that it has enough rigidity and can be used well. Therefore, we should take these into account in order to choose the most appropriate.

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