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The Manufacturing Market Is Sluggish? The German Machine Tool Company Doubled Its Expansion Plant!
Dec 21, 2018

Emmark’s orders in 2017 doubled in 2016. China is currently the second largest market in the world and the most promising market for the EMAG Group. Therefore, we decided to expand the factory in China. For the global manufacturing market In the downturn, we expect the machine tool industry to pick up after the second quarter of 2019, and our main task now is to work hard. Although there may be some twists and turns, the overall situation is still rising.” This is Germany. Mr. Dr. Uwe Ronde of EMAG Group gave his opinion on the Chinese market.


Mr. Uwe Ronde, CEO of CPO & EMAG (China) Machinery Co., Ltd., EMAG Group, Germany

As a professional enterprise with 9 process technologies of turning, drilling, milling, grinding, hobbing, hot assembly, laser welding, electrochemical process and induction hardening, EMAG is one of the few in the world. One of the suppliers of complete solutions for the process chain.


EMAG has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for 15 years. EMAG Machine Tool (Taicang) Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. After three expansions from the original small office, it has grown into a comprehensive manufacturing plant with 10,000 m2 now, and a production base built in Jintan, Jiangsu Province in 2014. And the market technology company established in Chongqing in 2016, EMAG has three branches in China, deeply rooted in the Chinese market.


On December 7, 2018, EMAG Group moved its Taicang plant to its new home, which not only doubled the factory area, but also upgraded its service functions. To this end, EMAG held a grand opening ceremony. In the same period, the 7th EMAG Technology Expo was held. While displaying a variety of innovative technologies and products, it also focused on various efficient solutions for current hot industries such as new energy vehicles. More than 400 guests from the EMAG Group's top management, local employees, Taicang High-tech Zone government leaders, industry association leaders, industry media, and customer representatives attended the celebrations to witness the new era of EMAG China.


As a professional enterprise with 9 process technologies of turning, drilling, milling, grinding, hobbing, hot assembly, laser welding, electrochemical process and induction hardening, EMAG has been committed to providing customers with comprehensive technical support. , providing the most suitable solution for each processing need, becoming a supplier that can provide turnkey solutions for the entire process chain. At this event, EMAG has proven this very well, not only showing its efficient solutions for traditional auto parts such as truck parts, shaft-toothed parts, brake discs, but also a complete set of electric Automotive component solutions, such as motor assemblies that include rotor covers, rotors, differential housings, gears, and synchronous bushings. In addition to the new energy automotive industry, EMAG is further expanding its product range to expand its highly efficient and intelligent processing solutions to a wide range of industries with strong industrial upgrading needs.


China is currently the second largest market in the world and the most promising market for EMAG Group. We will continue to develop in China. Service will never stop,” said Dr. Uwe Ronde.



In his speech at the opening ceremony, Dr. Uwe Ronde said: "Today, EMAG will relocate Taicang to its new home. Not only will the plant area double, but the products and services provided will be more complete and thoughtful. This is our right. The strong proof of the commitment to the Chinese market is the best embodiment of our desire to provide our customers with a better and never-ending service concept."


The relocation of the new warehouse in Taicang is a necessary step to meet the growing needs of customers.” Mr. Lin Jin, Sales Director of EMAG Taicang Company added, “Currently, the demand for customers’ orders continues to increase, and the technology that they hope to accommodate is coming. The more production lines that need to be delivered, the more complex it is. The new factory takes this demand into consideration. The new workshop can accommodate up to six automated production lines up to 60 meters to meet the customer's assembly and test before delivery. In addition, the new factory can also use EMAG's own advantages to intervene in advance in the research and development stage of the customer's products, research and analysis of the workpiece, and trial processing. Our laser laboratory has just been established. Soon, more than 20 customers have received inquiries about their trial service. The new factory is put into use and is a clear signal to the customer that EMAG is capable and ready to accept larger orders. We are full of confidence in the Chinese market."


Wang Liming, secretary-general of China Machine Tool Industry Association, expressed his affirmation of EMAG's move in his speech. He believes that EMAG actively prepares for the escalating needs of users and continuously strengthens the localization service for the Chinese machine tool industry. Inspired new vitality. On behalf of SEW Transmission Equipment (Tianjin), Deputy General Manager Mr. Yang Huafeng said that with innovative automation, EMAG's value service will enhance its efficient production to a new platform and become its solid and reliable partner to EMAG. The new factory after the production has high hopes.


The Sino-German Advanced Manufacturing Technology International Innovation Park, where the new factory in EMAG Taicang is located, is a key government support project. It also develops high-end industries such as intelligent manufacturing, robotics and scientific instruments and equipment in Taicang City, and vigorously promotes “Made in China 2025” and Germany “Industry 4.0”. An important carrier in the test area. As the first company to be officially put into operation in the Innovation Park, EMAG has been greatly affirmed by representatives from the municipal government and associations. Dr. Uwe Ronde added: "The new factory of EMAG Taicang also hopes to leverage the strong industrial clustering advantages of Sino-German Advanced Manufacturing Technology International Innovation Park to create more efficient and intelligent production and processing solutions for Chinese users together with high-quality enterprises. ”


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