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The 3000th! Makino China's 3000th EDM Machine Successfully Went Offline
Jan 28, 2019

On January 22, Makino Machine Tool (China) Co., Ltd. ushered in the successful launch of the 3,000th EDM machine. This is the fruitful result that Makino China has always adhered to “Quality First”. Makino China held a downline ceremony at its factory in Kunshan, hoping to bring more confidence to the industry.



It is reported that Makino China started its production base in Kunshan in 2005. It took 8 years to achieve the first target of 1000 units, and the target of the second 1000 sets took 3-4 years, and this third 1000 sets only used It took less than 2 years.


From the initial production of the EDGE series of sparks, to the introduction of the EDNC series of sparks, to the U-series slow-traffic, which has been mass-produced today, the annual production is also from the initial dozens, while the product range is constantly enriched. It has grown to more than 600 units today. In recent years, the development of Makino in China can be described as rapid.


The high precision and high reliability of the Makino machine tool is a magic weapon for Makino to develop. As for how to ensure the quality of the machine tool, Mr. Wei Chaojun, the general manager of Makino China, gave the answer:


Give employees a sense of ownership and responsibility through the combination of production quality and employee income;


With a comprehensive and flexible staff training mechanism, Makino can timely develop corresponding training programs to make up for timely compensation whenever and wherever employees are found;


Focusing on the construction of the after-sales service team, Makino's after-sales service can not only solve specific application problems for customers, but more importantly, it can provide customers with more optimization suggestions from the technical level. The close integration of the production team and the after-sales service team provides a strong support for the training of after-sales personnel.



Asked why the machine tool of Makino was chosen? Mr. He said: "At the beginning, it was attracted by the brand reputation of Makino, and through the factory visits and inspections in the field, it was impressed by Makino's attention to product quality and the rigor of the production process, and it strengthened the determination to cooperate with Makino. ”


He also further pointed out that the high processing accuracy of this machine is in line with the company's business needs. Jiahexing is a company specializing in the production of plastic molds and precision injection molded parts for automotive, household appliances, medical and other applications. In recent years, it has been clearly felt that customers have higher requirements for the processing precision of manufacturing, and the EDM machine that introduces Makino can guarantee the processing precision and processing quality. At the same time, Makino's excellent brand reputation can also bring a good endorsement to Jiahexing.


It is reported that Makino's new generation EDGE series CNC EDM machine adopts Hyper i technology. The Makino family's spark machine and wire cutting machine are no exception. Now the control system has been fully upgraded from the original MGH to Hyper i, not only for the processing technology. The revolutionary improvement also ensures ideal processing efficiency, surface finish and electrode loss, reduced processing times, and the release of efficiency limits.


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