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Surface Treatment Technology Of Precision Parts
Nov 28, 2018

Precision parts require high strength and toughness in practical work. Their working performance and service life are closely related to their surface performance. The improvement of surface performance can not be achieved solely by materials, but it is also very economical. However, in actual processing, its performance must be up to the standard. Surface treatment technology is needed at this time, which can often achieve twice the result with half the effort. In recent years, this technology has also been rapidly developed. In the field of die surface treatment, die polishing technology is a very important link, and also an important process in the process of workpiece processing. The surface treatment process of precision parts is very important in the process of processing. What are the surface treatment processes of precision parts?

It is worth noting that the polishing of die surface for precision parts is not only affected by process and polishing equipment, but also by the mirror degree of part materials, which has not been paid enough attention in the current processing, which also shows that polishing itself is affected by materials. 。 Although the processing technology to improve the surface performance of precision parts is constantly upgraded and innovated, the hardening film deposition, nitriding and carburizing technology are mostly used in the processing of precision parts.

Because nitriding technology can obtain a high level of surface performance, and the process of nitriding technology has a very high consistency with the quenching process of steel in precision parts, and the temperature of nitriding is very low, so after nitriding technology treatment, there is no need for intense cooling process, so precision parts and components. Nitriding technology is one of the earliest technologies used to strengthen surface properties in precision parts processing, and it is also the most widely used at present.

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