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Regulations And Safety Of CNC Punching Operation
Nov 28, 2018

1. When the equipment is working, it is necessary to establish a safety warning sign in the vicinity, and the CNC punching machine should quote the equipment. It should be insulated around the equipment to prevent the equipment from being inadvertently passed during the operation, and establish an insulation around it. It can prevent the onset of this situation. Equipment damage is attributed to normal appearance, and equipment must be operated in accordance with the rules and regulations during operation.

2. Check equipment before use to ensure that all parts of the equipment meet normal operating conditions.

3. Those who operate and process CNC punch presses are subject to severe drills and are now qualified for operation.

4. Each type of equipment can only process the sheet of the specified type, assuming that the sheet other than the processing equipment can harm the equipment.

5. Stop any modification of the equipment to prevent damage to the equipment or potential safety hazards. If it needs to be modified, please be able to carry out the transformation after the equipment manufacturer has allowed it.

How to ensure the safety of the punching machine:

1. Obey the 'motor' safety operation procedure. After the punching machine is in place, the chassis mat should be smooth and the punching frame should be vertical. The punching machine should be grounded according to the temporary power requirements of the construction.

2, carefully check the drill cone, ram, winch and wire rope before drilling, whether it is properly configured, whether the number of ropes and wire rope diameter match when the wire rope and the drill cone are fixed, and whether the mud circulation system is normal.

3, drill cone, when the hammer is lifted into the pile hole, the lifting should be stable, the station is strictly prohibited near the hole. And the rope is used for orientation, automatic punching machine to prevent the punching machine.

4. During the punching process, according to the geological conditions, the hole entrance scale is mastered. The fractured karst stratum should understand the elevation of the cave roof, use the heavy hammer low punch, the CNC punching machine brand, and lengthen the chassis drum to prevent the ground trap.

5, the separation clutch should have a pause rhythm, it is strictly forbidden to hit the hammer during the impact process, damage the winch and the clutch machine.

6. Before stopping work or stopping the machine, the hammer should be raised first, and the hammer should be lifted to the position of the hole to prevent the drilling slag from being deposited and buried. The machine should be stopped and the machine should be stopped. It is strictly forbidden to discharge the machine during operation. The rotating part of the machine (drill) should be protected by a protective cover.

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