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Now You Can Use Your Phone To Remotely Control The Machine!
Jan 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered if you can use your mobile phone to remotely check the status of your machine to sit back and watch your unattended evenings and weekends? Now your imagination has become a reality!


WF's rConnect solution provides a modular software solution that directly connects directly to the digital service world of GF Machining Solutions, which extends the boundaries of technology and allows you to transcend the times.

As the most thorough digital service platform for the machine tool industry, rConnect represents the vision of Industry 4.0 for smart and high-performance services in GF processing solutions. Connectivity – enabling communication between machine tools, wireless data transfer, and data accessibility in remote service centers – is a key feature of future plants. WF's own software expert Symmedia's rConnect has made GF's processing solutions even more powerful: milling, EDM, laser – and in the near future, automation and additive manufacturing.


rConnect's Customer Cockpit user interface connects users to their production facilities from anywhere on PC or mobile device. Its Live Remote Assistance (LRA) module provides direct audio, video and chat access to GF Machining Solutions experts to solve machine problems; experts can use LRA for remote inspections, significantly reducing machine downtime.


The new Messenger app gives customers instant access to all machine registration data, such as machine status and programs, on their smartphones. Users can also send service requests for fast and efficient remote diagnostics. Because data security is critical, rConnect provides secure authentication connections based on the latest technology. Combined with LRA, Messenger is an indispensable application for day-to-day operations that connects customers to their factories.


Aldeghi General Manager Cesare Aldeghi (right) works closely with Enrico Borghi, GF Process Solutions Customer Service

Aldeghi, a precision factory located in northern Italy, has benefited from rConnect, a manufacturer of molds, tools and prototype machinery for the automotive, electronics and home markets. When Aldeghi moved to the first step of digitization, it chose the GF processing solution – its partner for about 30 years. Today, nine machines from the GF machining program are operating at an Italian production site, including three EDM machines with rConnect LRA and Messenger capabilities.


With rConnect, Aldeghi enables remote inspection of machine status for peace of mind in unattended evenings and weekends.


Alurohi EDM department manager Mauro Coco checks the machine's operating status from his mobile phone

Cesare Aldeghi, General Manager of Aldeghi, said that before starting rConnect, looking for machine support requires contacting GF Machining Solutions Customer Service. Employees must explain the situation and check it according to the instructions of the service specialist. If the solution cannot be found quickly, a site visit must be arranged, which will cost the company time and cost. The activation of the LRA has changed everything.



With rConnect's LRA module, customers can make voice calls, video calls and chats directly with experts in GF processing solutions.

In addition, the Messenger application improves the company's processes. “This is one of my favorite aspects of rConnect. When our machines are unattended (for example, at night or on weekends), we can use Messenger to monitor progress on mobile devices,” he said. “We can see the progress of the work immediately, which gives us peace of mind. We waited for a while and now I am very happy to use it.”


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