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Basic Process Of Sheet Metal Processing For Lathe Parts
Nov 28, 2018

First, the lathe parts are cut. The method of blanking processing includes Pu Chong, digital punching, shearing, laser cutting and wind cutting. Among them, digital punching and laser cutting are the main methods for sheet metal processing.

Second, bending. There are many factors to consider when bending. The minimum bending radius of the bending part, the straight side height of the bending part, the hole edge distance on the bending part, the partial bending process incision, and the beveled side with the beveled edge should be avoided. The design requirements of the deformation zone, the dead edge, the process positioning hole added during the design, and the relevant dimensions of the curved part are considered, and the processability and the rebound of the curved part are considered.

Third, the lathe parts are stretched. When drawing, pay attention to calculate the data, the radius of the fillet between the bottom and the straight wall of the tensile member, the radius of the fillet between the flange and the wall of the tensile member, and the diameter of the inner cavity of the circular tensile member. , the radius of the fillet between the adjacent arms of the rectangular stretcher phase lathe, the relationship between the height and the diameter of the circular flangeless tensile member in one molding, the dimensional standard and the precautions on the drawing design of the tensile member.

Fourth, molding. After the sheet metal processing product is formed, some processing is required for the product. There are rib structure, convex pitch and convex margin limit size, making blinds, and processing internal flanges.

Fifth, the lathe parts are welded. This is the last process of the sheet metal processing process, but also the welding method and process technology. The welding methods mainly include arc welding, electroslag welding, gas welding, plasma arc welding, fusion welding, pressure welding, and brazing. Among them, arc welding and gas welding are the main methods of sheet metal processing.

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