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The use of CNC punching
Nov 28, 2018

Usually, the punching net is stamped from different materials. The quality of the plate and the mold directly affect the quality of the punching net. It should be noted when selecting the plate and making the mold. Secondly, the punching process of the punching net, this The main point is to look at the skilled and operational skills between technicians and good production machinery. Some of the regular punching nets are produced by CNC punching nets, and the prices of plates of different thicknesses vary. Finally, the overall surface treatment can be divided into dip coating, spray coating, galvanizing, etc. It should be noted that the uniformity of the surface treatment and the quality of the coating are very important.

The metal punching plate material is made of various metal plates such as low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and copper plate.

The use of CNC punching

Metal punching board weaving and features: stamped; by hole: round, square, diamond, oval, triangular and other shaped holes.

The use of metal punching plates: metal punching plates can be used for ceilings of buildings, sound absorbing materials for walls, fine decorative holes for building stairs, balconies, tables and chairs, protective covers for mechanical equipment, gorgeous speaker nets Cover, grain, feed, mine mill screen, mine screen, I-screen, stainless steel fruit basket, food cover, fruit plate, and the shelf net for shopping malls, decorative exhibition stand, ventilation net for grain storage, water filter, etc. .

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