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Reasons for Selecting Turning and Milling Parts
Nov 28, 2018

Intermittent cutting: Turning tools are usually not well used for interrupted cutting, but milling cutters do a good job. Milling is often defined as a discontinuous cut. Therefore, whenever it is encountered in the occasion of intermittent cutting, it should be thought to change the turning machining to CNC milling.

Excellent chip breaking processing: It has been proved by many machining practices that the turning and milling processing can be used instead of turning machining for some parts and materials, which can eliminate the phenomenon of "bird's nest"-like chips wound around the cutter head. Because the milling combines the milling process with the advantages of natural chip breaking, the continuous chips are broken into small pieces that are easy to remove.

Flexible shaft machining: When the turning is long and thin and the parts can not be supported in the middle, the use of Shenzhen CNC turning and milling can better prevent the parts from being bent (bent) during processing. In contrast to turning, in theory, milling can cut parts with little pressure on the tool. But in fact, there are still a lot of technical problems to be solved.

Long-term machining: In the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials, the service life of a turning tool is very short, and the milling cutter can be used for a long time because it distributes the cutting load by multi-edge cutting. Since the milling cutter has a long service life, the trouble of multiple tool changes in the middle of cutting can be eliminated.

Eccentric or profiled machining: The radial (X-axis) motion of the milling cutter can be combined with the rotational motion of the workpiece to machine the contours of complex parts. In the same principle, in one setup, the part rotates and the cutter reciprocates, and the eccentric asymmetrical parts can also be machined in one setup. The eccentric shaft on the crankshaft of a car engine is also a good example. However, a lot of research work is needed in terms of processing accuracy.

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