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From standard machines to high-end machines, the world's leading EDM technology!
Jan 24, 2019

EDM is an important process for precision mold making. Nowadays, more and more precision components are becoming more and more demanding, and new requirements are placed on the quality and efficiency of EDM. The traditional EDM technology cannot even adapt to the development needs.


As we all know, AgieCharmilles' GF processing technology is the world leader in electric machining technology, and it can provide corresponding solutions from single machine to full automation. FORM X, FORM S, FORM P and FORM E are four series of EDM machines that bring greater flexibility and machining precision to precision mold manufacturing and easily meet the tough EDM challenges.


FORM X Series: Extremely high precision

The FORM X-Series machines offer uncompromising accuracy, precision and unmatched productivity. Their TECFORM EXPERT system ensures high precision and repeatability for large and small parts, and its fixed table and sturdy machine base provide perfect positioning accuracy along the entire axis. Increased precision thermal stability and available automation capabilities allow you to quickly mass produce high-precision miniature parts. With the intelligent capabilities of PartExpress and Job List management, the FORM X series can also benefit from two front-facing machines on either side of the robot.


FORM S Series: Perfect micro profile

The FORM S Series opens up a new world of miniaturization, optimizing productivity, ensuring lasting accuracy and automation right out of the box. The latest generation of Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) and specific micro-technology in the FORM S series maximizes the level of detail and makes miniaturization very easy. In addition, because the process current is reduced to a minimum, electrode wear is minimal, so you can use fewer electrodes to machine the cavity.


For example, the FORM S 350 has a 3D accuracy of ± 2 μm, which produces a perfect cavity profile and ensures zero reject rate when using steel electrodes to produce steel camera modules with a surface finish of Ra 0.1 to 0.25 μm.


FORM P Series: Efficient runtime

With this automated part production solution, you get the perfect results and high productivity at your fingertips. Experience an intuitive, easy-to-use process with the AC FORM HMI, benefiting from long-term operations without human intervention, thanks to the range of automation options and intelligence available in the series. This series of EDM process management increases production speed and productivity, while ISPG and TECFORM optimize surface finish and uniformity.


FORM E Series: Excellent investment value

With outstanding accessibility, automated electrolyte management, expanded automation, continuous technical improvements and a world of rConnect digital services for GF machining solutions, the multifaceted benefits bring the best value to your mold and part production. Automated electrolyte management increases productivity while reducing the level of human intervention: filling and emptying of the working fluid tank is automatic and the electrolyte height can be adjusted during the running of the program.


No matter what EDM challenges you face today or in the future, with the leading edge of the GF Machining AgieCharmilles FORM range, you can benefit from the unparalleled precision of micromachining and achieve higher detail with fewer electrodes standard.

Maximize the state of the machine with the EXT range of machine tools through eConnectivity and MTConnect functions; increase productivity through automation, FORM series machines can be connected to external robots, and provide integrated pallet and electrode replacement solutions for no Manned production.

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