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Common problems and improvement methods in CNC machining process
Dec 19, 2018

Based on the actual production, this artical summarizes the common problems and improvement methods of CNC machining process, and how to select the three important factors of speed, feed rate and depth of cut in different application areas for your reference.

Overcutting the workpiece


1,the tool strength is not fit,maybe too long or too small, resulting in the tool pop up.

2,The operator is not working properly.

3,Uneven cutting allowance

4,Improper cutting parameters


1,The principle of using tool:big is better than small,short is better than long.

2,Add a clear angle program, leave the balance as even as possible

3,Reasonably adjust the cutting parameters and round the corners at the large margin.

4,Using the machine's SF function, the operator fine-tunes the speed to achieve the best results for machine cutting.

Tool setting problem


1,The operator is not accurate when operating manually.

2,The tool is clamped incorrectly.

3,The blade on the flying tool is incorrect.


1,Manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and the tool should be at the same point as much as possible.

2,Use a dryer or a rag to clean the tool when it is clamped.

3,A blade can be used when the blade of the flying tool is to measure the arbor and the bottom of the light.

Tolerance of curved surface


1,The cutting parameters are unreasonable, and the surface of the workpiece surface is rough.

2,The cutting edge of the tool is not sharp.

3,The tool is too long and the blade is too long.

4,Chip removal, blowing, and oiling are not good.

5,The workpiece has burrs.


1,Cutting parameters, tolerances, margins, and speed feed settings should be reasonable.

2,The tool requires the operator to check it from time to time and change it from time to time.

3,When installing the tool, the operator is required to keep the clip as short as possible, and the blade should not be too long.

4,The workpiece has burrs: the root of our machines, tools, and the way of the tool is directly related. So we need to understand the performance of the machine, and make a knife for the edge with burrs.

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