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Classification of Machining
Nov 28, 2018

The benchmarks for machining can be divided into design criteria and process benchmarks:

Design Benchmark: A benchmark used on a part drawing to determine the position of other points, lines, and faces, called the design basis.

Process Benchmark: The benchmark used by parts during processing and assembly. Process benchmarks are divided into assembly benchmarks, measurement benchmarks, and positioning benchmarks depending on the application.

A. Assembly Standard: A reference used in assembly to determine the position of a part in a part or product, called an assembly basis.

B. Measurement standard: A reference used to check the size and position of a machined surface, called the measurement reference.

C. Positioning reference: The reference used for workpiece positioning during machining is called the positioning reference. As the surface for the positioning reference, only the unprocessed blank surface can be selected in the first process, and this positioning surface is referred to as a rough reference. 

The processed surface can be used as a positioning reference in the subsequent processes, and the positioning surface is referred to as a fine reference.

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